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Hot Tech Alert: Is This Keyless Portable Lock The Most Intelligent Smart Lock Ever Created?!

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WINNER OF 2019 GOOD DESIGN AWARD – this smart travel device will simplify your life and bring you peace-of-mind, all with the touch of a button…

What if I told you there was a new state-of-the-art lock that could:

  • Tell you the last known location of your luggage, backpack, and other valuables
  • Alert you if someone tries stealing your bags
  • Log every time someone opens it, AND for how long it stayed open

Even better, what if…you could lock/unlock dozens of locks – one each for your gym locker, storage shed, briefcase, bike lock, luggage, and more…using ONLY your phone!

No more need to store and use keys, remember combos, or fumble with tiny digit tumblers again – Sounds amazing, right?

What Is It?

It’s called AirBolt – it’s a smart lock/phone app combination that provides advanced hi-tech security with tracking capabilities to keep your valuables from being lost, stolen, or opened without you knowing! Unlike any other lock, AirBolt gives you the unique ability to track and control multiple AirBolt locks right from their free app – making it INSANELY EASY to manage ALL of them right from your phone.

AirBolt is jam-packed with state-of-the-art features that make it hands down the most brilliant portable smart lock ever designed! It makes ordinary padlocks look like sad rocks!

But you have to see it in action to really appreciate AirBolt’s capabilities!

Watch This Video To See AirBolt In Action…

How Does It Work?

The team at AirBolt couldn’t make it any easier to use their locks – ANYONE can set it up. All you do is…

Download the FREE app (iOS or Droid) > Pair with your phone > Enjoy keyless, trackable security!

Within seconds of pairing your phone and lock, you’ll see exactly why AirBolt won the Good Design Award in 2019!

First off, the concept of ONE APP TO CONTROL MULTIPLE LOCKS is convenient as heck! I mean, imagine being able to control 10, 20, even 30 or more locks with just your phone (instead of 30 keys)! How sweet is that?

Then consider everything else AirBolt has to offer! Check this out…

  • SETUP A BACKUP CODE – for those times when you don’t have your phone (like when you wanna leave your phone in your locker at the gym).
  • SEPARATION ALERTS – if you travel at all, you’ll love the PROXIMITY ALERT feature (aka – Separation Alert)! When your phone and lock become separated beyond a few feet, your phone, AirBolt lock, or both, will sound alarms to prevent you from walking away from your bag or having it stolen.
  • SHARE ACCESS – You can give access to trusted friends, family, or coworkers from anywhere in the world – set various permission & security levels with time limits of accessibility.
  • LOCK ACCESS HISTORY – Every time your lock is opened a time-stamp is recorded, creating a detailed history of who & when your lock was accessed.
  • TSA ACCEPTED – Using their special key, TSA agents can safely unlock your AirBolt lock without damaging or cutting it.
  • LED LIGHT CODES – When you see the Blue, Green, and Red LEDs light up to visually tell you an important function is taking place, you’ll know this isn’t any ordinary lock….this is an AirBolt lock!

Plus, the quality craftsmanship is 2nd to none….

And it has a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1-year per charge (Micro-USB cable included), and the weather-resistant heavy-duty metal alloy and stainless steel cable ensure your AirBolts will last decades!

Like I said, this lock is light-years ahead of your grandpa’s old padlocks! This is the next generation of portable security!

Sounds Awesome! But How Much Does It Cost?

Trust me, when you hold and feel the quality of an AirBolt lock, and hear the clicks and see the LED’s light up, you’ll stop thinking of it as a lock and start thinking of it as the hi-tech security system it was designed to be!

AirBolt is built to last a lifetime and will give you peace-of-mind knowing your valuables are safe and secure, it’s astonishing you get all this for as low as $47.39 each + the Free App!

Where Can I Get My AirBolts?

You can get the most advanced smart lock available by simply going to the official AirBolt website here!



Special Offer:

Amazingly, AirBolt is still offering a killer deal! As of 21st July 2024, you can get 2 FREE AirBolts when you buy 3 AND they’re also including FREE Shipping!

Even if you don’t use them all for yourself, give them to friends or family as incredibly cool and unique gifts all year round!

It’s Not A Lock – It’s Trackable Portable Security!

AirBolt is quite simply the most intelligent portable security system you’ve never heard of….until now! With so many cutting edge features, you’re guaranteed to feel like James Bond the first time you use your AirBolt. Yep, this is one smart device you’ll love playing with and have fun showing off to your buddies…guaranteed!

– “The Travel Lock That Makes Travel A Little More Stress-Free!”

– “Meet The Smart Travel Lock That Teaches Your Old Luggage New Tricks.”

– “This TSA Accepted Lock Can Be Disarmed With Your Phone, Eliminating The Need To Remember Keys Or Combinations.”

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