How I Saved My Priceless Family Antique With This Amazing Tool

When my family came to the United States in 1908, they left most of their worldly possessions behind.

My grandmother’s mom was one of three children, yet they brought just three suitcases between the five of them — mostly filled with clothes.

The one non-essential item they brought over was a family tea set.

As the eldest daughter, my grandmother’s mom inherited it, then gave it to my grandmother. She eventually passed it on to my mother, who gave it to me as a wedding present.

To my knowledge, the tea set has never been appraised.

No one in my family ever cared about it’s monetary value because to us, it’s priceless.

We would never, ever donate, give, or sell it. Therefore, whatever dollar amount an auctioneer would attach it to simply does not matter.

My mom once joked that if our house was ever on fire, the tea set would be the second thing she grabbed, next only to her children.

Except for the gift of spending my life with my favorite person, it was the single most wonderful thing I received on my wedding day.

And when I moved into our new house, I dropped it.

I would Have Paid Any Sum of Money to Fix That Tea Set — I Ended Up Paying Less Than a Tank of Gas

I would rather destroy every electronic I own — down to my computer with zero files backed up — than drop that tea set.

I couldn’t tell my mom what I did, so I called my best friend in hyperventilating tears. 

And while I thought I lost an heirloom that managed to cross the Atlantic — but didn’t survive the walk from my front door to my dining room — she assured me hope was not all lost. 

She told me about Bondic — a product that wasn’t a tool, wasn’t glue, and wasn’t an adhesive, yet somehow managed to fix everything.

There is no ceiling to the money I was willing to pay to fix that tea set. And yet, I ordered Bondic for less than a tank of gas.

I was skeptical, to say the least. Bondic looked like a small pen, and claimed to fix anything in a matter of four seconds.

My friend assured me it fixed anything, including wood, glass, plastic, and — what I needed most — ceramics.

A dark part of me thought I destroyed the most priceless thing in my family. 

But with Bondic, you would never know the tea set was ever damaged.

Bondic Can Fix Everything — Even Your Most Prized Possessions

I was (thankfully) very wrong about Bondic. Everything it claims to fix (which is virtually everything), it fixes.

Including a tea set that happens to be over a century old. 

When I dropped the box with the tea set while walking across my new home, multiple pieces were chipped or broken in half. And yet, with Bondic, you would never, ever know a single piece was damaged.

Bondic is a bonding agent that uses ultraviolet light to repair almost any kind of material. The Bondic liquid plastic welder helps you seal and rebuild damaged parts — which worked wonderfully for an antique china set.

Bondic doesn’t just adhesive broken pieces back together — it can actually build new parts. 

This was what I needed to restore my family tea set — to be able to forge shattered pieces of china back together (and grow new parts!).

How Bondic Works: Repair Broken Items in Four Seconds

Bondic is not a glue — and yet, it’s the best glue for plastic, wood, metal, and almost every other material you could imagine.

The bondic lazer bond works like this: 

  • Clean the area that needs to be fixed (like broken china). 
  • Next, apply the unique plastic welder to the damaged area. 
  • Next, use the ultraviolet pen to shine UV light on the liquid for a mere four seconds.

The liquid freezes into a rock-solid layer of clear plastic — making your damaged heirloom as good as new. 

Because Bondic isn’t a plastic glue, there’s absolutely no mess. The liquid welder lays perfectly, allowing your prized possession to look as good as new.

Bondic 3D Restoration: Rebuilds What Regular Glue Can’t

Here’s the best part: Bondic can create 3D restorations — actually building a new piece to a broken object. 

Regular super glue can’t do that.

This is why Bondic was able to repair my family tea set, when other adhesive tools could not. Unlike glue, Bondic can help build new parts, helping to replace a broken or missing piece. 

There were saucer edges that completely shattered — and yet, with Bondic, I was able to refill holes where broken shards had gone astray. 

With bondic, my family tea set has clean, smooth rounded edges — just as it did 100 years ago. 

The 3D restoration ensured that you can’t see broken pieces, seams, or small holes. Because Bondic shapes to almost anything on your command, it replaces anything that was missing or broken.

With Bondic, You Can Repair and Rebuild Almost Anything

With our family tea set safely repaired, I went about Bondic-ing…well, almost everything.

That kitchen bar stool with the broken leg? I welded it back together with Bondic ultraviolet glue.

Those earbud headphones that broke two weeks into owning them? I was able to use Bondic UV light glue to sear them back together.

The retro heels I bought at a thrift store, yet broke the first night I wore them? Yes, I was able to use the Bondic UV glue pen to walk many more miles in them. 

Oh, and my favorite yet: The kitchen faucet that leaked since the day we moved into our new home, has now been fixed thanks to UV activated glue.

Stop Buying Different Kinds of Glue, and Try Bondic

Bondic works on all types of surfaces, so there’s no need to buy different glues (wood, plastic, or metal) for different projects. Just try Bondic! 

With Bondic, you don’t need to worry about droplets of glue getting on your skin, furniture, or flooring. Bondic only cures when exposed to UV light, so you have complete control on where it hardens.

Plus, Bondic doesn’t dry out. Unlike glue, which can dry out in the bottle before you reuse it, Bondic can be used for years to come. 

And lastly, Bondic is nontoxic and safe to use  — even for children. Unlike a hot glue gun, Bondic doesn’t require heat. Therefore, you can use it around the house safely and easily.

See Why Thousands of People Trust Bondic to Save Their Most Prized Possessions

If you’re wondering the ending to my tea set story, here it is:

Thus far, I haven’t had the heart to tell my mom I broke her great-grandmother’s heirloom. Maybe one day, I’ll tell her. 

But luckily, with Bondic, I can share that story when I’m ready.

You truly can’t tell that my family tea set was ever broken. And since Bondic is one of the strongest, most durable products out there, I know the tea set is stronger than it ever was.

And when I hand down this tea set to my daughter, you better believe she’s getting a Bondic pen with it. 

You know, just in case.