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How this $25 bracelet saved my family and I from annoying mosquito bites

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Jeremy Renley

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I’ve lived in North Carolina my whole life and I’ve never had mosquito bites like this. I was getting bitten like crazy just taking my trash out. One night, I went for a brief stroll, and in 15 minutes I got 12 bites all over my body.

 “My son would come inside with 3 or 4 huge red welts the size of a quarter…”

And it’s not just me. My wife has type-O blood. She gets bitten a lot and has a really bad reaction to bug bites. Bites for me that’ll be half-inch, one day bumps turn into 3-4 inch swollen red welts lasting a couple days for her. She gets swarmed and her skin reacts like nothing I’ve ever seen.

As for our 2-year-old son… he must have mosquito-sugar in his veins. Each time he went out to the back yard, he’d come inside with 3 or 4 huge red welts the size of a quarter. So of course, I went in search of ways to deal with these horrible blood suckers.

Repellent failures

Unfortunately, the typical recommendations didn’t work for me and my family. Long sleeves and pants are not practical for 95-degree heat. And as for DEET and permethrin — I simply don’t trust them.

“DEET will eat through plastic…”

I’ve read permethrin causes multiple chemical sensitivities in people who use it regularly. And DEET will eat through plastic. Neither is something I want to spray on my son’s skin, or even on myself.

And as for the “all natural” solutions… A while back, we bought these colorful bracelets with essential oils. And we went to the local park to give them a try. The bugs overwhelmed us. Everyone was bitten multiple times. I could see the mosquitos hovering and trying to land on the bracelets. It looked hopeless. But then, I saw a glimmer of light in an unexpected place.

Cashing in

A few months ago, I came across a crazy news headline: “Skrillex protects against mosquito bites.” Skrillex, as you might know, is a popular electronic music artist. But what’s he got to do with mosquitoes?

It turns out scientists from Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia — all countries that suffer from bad mosquito problems — wanted to see if specific sound vibrations might mess with mosquitoes. So they played electronic music by Skrillex around a bunch of mosquitoes. And they observed what happened.

“The mosquitoes were disrupted and confused…”

The results were pretty surprising. The mosquitoes were disrupted and confused. They didn’t mate or communicate with each other properly. And most important — they bit humans less. Much less. The vibrations in the Skrillex music were entertaining them or bothering them or both.

This was exciting! Of course, you can’t just blast electronic music wherever you go. But imagine if somebody isolated just those frequencies that bothered the mosquitoes the most… and packaged it up in some anti-mosquito gadget. I kept waiting for some clever startup to cash in on this research and do exactly this. And then, it happened.

Mosquito bracelet

Three weeks ago, I came across a brand new product called MosquitoBlock. It’s basically a little bracelet, much like a Fitbit. But instead of measuring your heart rate, the MosquitoBlock emits the targeted sound frequencies, between 34Hz-70KHz, that block and disrupt mosquitoes.

This is exactly what I was hoping for. The MosquitoBlock uses the sound technology I’d read about. It’s all natural and it’s safe to use. It’s light and easy to wear. But would it actually work to stop mosquitoes from biting me and my family? Only one way to find out.

Test #1: Park at night

I ordered the MosquitoBlock and decided to test it out on myself. Like I said, mosquitoes have been horrible around Raleigh this summer. I can’t go out at night without getting bitten all over. So in the evening of the day that the MosquitoBlock arrived, I put it on and went out for a walk.

MosquitoBlock has 3 settings: indoors, outdoors, and silent. I used the outdoors setting, which is where you can hear a faint high-pitched buzz. Apparently, the mosquitoes can hear it much better. And here’s what I noticed.

“I became invisible to mosquitoes…”

The MosquitoBlock is not really a “repeller.” As I was walking up our street, which is full of trees and greenery that make for perfect mosquito breeding grounds, I would pass through swarms of mosquitoes. And even though I had the MosquitoBlock working, I didn’t see the bugs flying away in panic. But something was still happening.

My guess is that this thing is really a mosquito “CONFUSER”. In other words, with it off, mosquitoes saw me as a nice steak. With it on, I guess I became invisible to them. And sure enough, I spent an entire hour walking through a park near our house,which is packed with mosquitoes, and I came home with ZERO mosquito bites. This was incredible, because the last time I tried this, I came home with 12 bites over my whole body.

Test #2: Backyard

Our son spends a lot of time outdoors. He used to get bites all over his arms and legs that would itch terribly and take weeks to completely heal. So the next test was to see whether MosquitoBlock could keep him protected from being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

 “MosquitoBlock fits even my son’s tiny 2-year-old wrist…”

The good news is that the MosquitoBlock bracelet is super adjustable. It can be made to fit even his tiny 2-year-old wrist, it even looks cool on him, like a Star Trek communicator. Plus he loves to wear it while he’s playing in the backyard.

And we’ve seen the same incredible results. While before he would collect a half dozen massive mosquito bites in just a few minutes’ time, now he happily plays outside as long as he wants and practically never gets bitten. The mosquitoes just don’t seem to see him. And here’s one final test we tried.

Test #3: Camping trip

We just got back last night from a camping trip at the William B. Umstead State Park. The last time I went camping there, I used a ton of bug spray meant specifically for mosquitoes. I was still covered in itchy red bites — I counted over 20 by the end of the trip. They even bit through my clothes and my jeans.

Not so this time. It was like a miracle. We all wore MosquitoBlock bracelets — I’d bought extra ones so each of us had our own. As always, there were plenty of bugs around, including mosquitoes. But aside from two little bites on me (I’m not even sure they were mosquitoes), we all got away scot free. In short, this hypersonic anti-mosquito sound technology works!

Other pests

According to the MosquitoBlock website, this bracelet also works to repel (or confuse) all sorts of other pests as well. This includes spiders, flies, ants, roaches, and even rodents like mice or rats. Honestly, I can’t speak to this directly because I’ve only used it to protect myself against mosquitoes. But it might be useful for you to know if you’ve got other pests that bother you.

“You’re actually stopping the spread of mosquitoes when you wear this bracelet…”

And here’s one more interesting thing. The original scientists who studied these sound frequencies found they interrupt mosquitoes when breeding. You know what that means? When you go out and wear a MosquitoBlock bracelet, you’re not only protecting yourself against getting bitten. You’re actually stopping the spread of these blood-sucking monsters, so they will be less of an annoyance in the future. Which brings me to my final point.

The worst torture

I read that during the worst periods in the Soviet Union, the guards in the gulag used mosquitoes for torture. They would undress the prisoner and tie him to a tree overnight. The mosquitoes would buzz and dine on the poor guy for hours. By morning, he would be a mental and physical wreck.

I can believe it. I absolutely HATE getting bitten by mosquitoes. And that’s why I think the MosquitoBlock is such an amazing invention. It’s made my whole family invisible to mosquitoes and it’s saved us from being eaten alive. We can finally enjoy the summer and enjoy being outside. I highly recommend this to any living creature with exposed skin and circulating blood. Check out my official review here:

UPDATE: 40% off at the moment

I wrote the above post a few days ago but now I have something that’s even better. I’ve just found a website that’s running a 40% off sale on MosquitoBlock bracelets. I’m definitely going to get more and give them out to my whole family. If you hate mosquitoes and you can’t stand living with them, then you have to get a MosquitoBlock for yourself. And why not do it when it’s 40% off?

Start Protecting Yourself From Mosquitos Now

Now that you’ve been informed about these groundbreaking bracelets, let me show you how easy it is to use them. All you need to do is to follow these 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Order your MosquitoBlock today to take advantage of the 40% OFF sale.
  • Step 2: Upon receiving your bracelet, take it out of the package and put it on your wrist whenever you’re outside.
  • Step 3: Enjoy your time outside with peace of mind knowing you’ll remain bite-free!

Here’s a tip: Know someone who needs this? These wristbands make the perfect gift and will save whoever receives them lots of money, pain and time.

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“My family comes home from every camping trip just covered in mosquito bites. I try to use bug spray, but it’s messy and sometimes I forget it at home. This summer, I got a mosquito bracelet for everyone in the family and sure enough, the problem was fixed.”

– Sharon E.

“I bought a mosquito bracelet for my wife a few months ago. As a couple, the two of us really love being outdoors. This spring, we found out we were expecting, so I wanted to make sure she had chemical free mosquito protection. So far she hasn’t had any bug bites, and neither of us have had to worry about chemicals from sprays.”

– Chris F.

“It seems like even sitting inside I end up with bug bites. I guess I’m just ‘one of those people’ that mosquitos love. Anyway, I tried a mosquito bracelet and I’ve been really surprised by how well it works.”

– Greg G.


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