The Nanotech Pad That Cleans Screens In Seconds

Welcome to the future of screen cleaning.

ScreenKlean’s patented carbon-based nanotech – the same technology used by NASA – uses advanced physics to lift away stubborn dirt and grime without scratching or damaging your screen.


Each cleaning works to restore the high-gloss, HD clarity your screen had like the first time you took it out of the box. No scratching. No messy sprays. No harsh chemicals. Over 650K already sold & counting!



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Use ScreenKlean®!

The Best Clean For Your Screen!


Keep Your Screens HD Clear

Electrically-charged carbon molecules effortlessly lift fingerprints, oil, dirt, and smudge gunk to restore that original HD clarity after every use.

Easily clean your smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, car screens, home appliances, digital cameras, game consoles, watches, windows, mirrors, picture frames, and more!

NO Scratches, NO Smudges

Non-toxic & Chemical-Free

ScreenKlean was developed to prevent scratches and smudges on actual NASA space station equipment. So we guarantee it’s 100% safe to use on your most expensive screens.
Carbon pads are safe for both you and your glasses without the harmful chemicals or toxins commonly found in liquid cleaners.

3-in-1 Travel Case

Long Lasting Pads

Restore your screens 100’s of times with a single ScreenKlean!
Simply slide the carbon cleaning pad back into its built-in travel case to store, clean and recharge the pad between uses.

Why Our Customers Love ScreenKlean…

It removes ALL the smudges and fingerprints from my phone
✅ Verified Buyer
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“I swear the last time my phone screen was this clean and smudge-less was when I first took it out of the box. Extremely easy to use and super portable. All my friends and coworkers gave been asking where they can get one.”
Awesome smartphone screen cleaner
✅ Verified Buyer
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"This item works great. Besides doing exactly what it is supposed to do, I love the fact that it has its own case so it can get tossed in a pocket or handbag. I’m going to get more so I have one in my handbag, my night stand and my car. EXCELLENT!"
Love this screen cleaner
✅ Verified Buyer
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“I just bought a new car with a large tablet in it, and it removes all the fingerprints and keeps it clean. Bought one for the tablets in the house too.”
Great present for friends and family
✅ Verified Buyer
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“This is a wonderful cleaner!!! Very easy to use and it works! Just as advertised!!!”

The Screen Cleaner You’ve Been Waiting for

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