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The SmartWave costs nothing to operate. It has no moving parts to wear out. You’ll wonder why you ever wanted to buy a pricey, ineffective antenna or pay insane prices for cable service.

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The World’s Greatest, Most Powerful “Super Antenna” Is Already Installed In Your House Or Apartment! Mandated By Law!

Do You Want To Know An Astonishing Secret?

My cable TV bill every month was costing me as much as my car payment. It was insane. I was paying an outrageous price for a cable “package”, but I only really wanted to watch a few channels.

I was paying a ridiculous amount of money for my cable service, but I had to deal with outages, a big mess of wires for my cable box, and a big complicated cable box.

And when something went wrong, I had to wait for the “cable guy”. My wife usually ended up dealing with him, even when he showed up hours or even days late. Sometimes she got a creepy feeling when he started snooping around our house. She got the scary feeling that he was making a mental list of everything valuable in our house!

Our Neighbor Is An Engineer!

I was about to buy one of those so-called “HD ANTENNAS” that you had to stick up on the wall. But then I read you had to search for the “Best Spot” to install them, and that it could take days of experimentation. And my wife didn’t want something stuck up on the wall that didn’t work right.

So I spoke to my neighbor, who is a big time engineer. He’s always up on the latest tech stuff. He knows EVERYTHING about everything.

I asked him which of all these HD antennas was the best to get. He laughed. He told me not to buy ANY of these HD “digital” antennas.

“First of all,” he said, “There is no such thing as a “digital antenna”. An antenna is an antenna. It will pick up any signal that is broadcast.”

“Most people today don’t realize that you can get HD television broadcasts 100% free, according to a survey by an industry association. When I tell people they can get FREE television, some of them actually think they are breaking the law! They think they have to pay! But there IS NO LAW. You can get 100% FREE TELEVISION LEGALLY!”

Millennials Learn They Can Get Free Broadcast Channels Through This Crazy Technology Called a "TV Antenna"

But then my friend went on to tell me that I didn’t have to pay for an antenna at all.

“Think about it. There are thousands of feet of electrical wiring built in your house or apartment building. And what is an antenna? Just a long wire!”

You already have the greatest antenna ever made built into your house!”

He Told Me to Buy the Astonishing “SmartWave” Device to Tap Into the Raw Power of My Home Wiring! It Takes Only a Minute to Install and Is 100% Safe!!

The SmartWave takes only a minute to install. Plug it into any electrical outlet and it instantly changes your house wires into a GIANT TV ANTENNA that can be thousands of feet long.

Yet it never interferes with your electrical system and it is impossible to have any kind of shock hazard. AND IT DOESN’T USE A PENNY’S WORTH OF ELECTRICITY!

You instantly get reception on all area channels. SHARP, CRISP HD STATIONS, and also SD stations depending on your location.

No tools or technical knowledge needed. Just plug SmartWave into any electrical outlet and it’s ready to go. Connect it with the provided cable to your TV set.

Lasts a Lifetime

The SmartWave costs nothing to operate. It has no moving parts to wear out. You’ll wonder why you ever wanted to buy a pricey, ineffective antenna or pay insane prices for cable service.

What I Am Currently Getting for Free!

This is what I get in my location. Depending on where you live, your mileage may vary, but most people can expect to get a nice batch of free stations:


Other HD Antennas

100% Safety

The SmartWave is not connected to any part of your home wiring that actually carries any live current. Its special circuitry is grounded. It is impossible for you or your kids to get any kind of shock. It is 100% safe and effective.

Here’s How I Got Free TV Using The Free Antenna Built Into My House!

1) I ordered the SmartWave online. I took advantage of a special promo offer and got two; one for my living room TV and one for the bedroom TV.

2) The SmartWave arrived in about a week. It was nicely packaged and came with all the cables I needed.

3) The SmartWave arrived in about a week. It was nicely packaged and came with all the cables I needed.

4) I plugged the SmartWave into an AC outlet, and then I connected the cable to the cable input on my TV.

5) Using my remote, I went to the menu of my TV and “scanned for new channels”. This took about 20 minutes while my TV searched using ALL MY HOUSE WIRING AS A GIANT ANTENNA DISH!

6) When it finished, it had found all of the standard stations plus about 32 or so “digital stations”.

7) That’s it! WOW! All those stations were now available FREE, forever.

Crystal-Clear Free Channels, Forever!

I cannot believe I did not know about this before! Now I’m saving a fortune on cable bills.

My wife is happy because there are no unsightly things hung on the wall, and the reception is GREAT. SUPER-CLEAR, beautiful audio, and I even found some channels I didn’t know existed!

This is just amazing, and it works as advertised. I told all my friends, and I wanted to let my internet friends know too!

Here’s where I ordered. They run special low-priced promotions, so jump on it now before the price gets raised or they run out!


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